thesis: one hundred percent


I can’t in good conscience leave you who is reading this high and dry and not tell you where to go for what you want.

That is, if you haven’t already found it.

This here, I guess, is a very short introduction-meets-tutorial for navigating around my very barebones behind website showcase of my graduate thesis work blog post.

The Thesis itself is represented in three archived blogs chunks that actually appear on this very page if you who is reading this just scrolls down.

Understand that I could not for copyright purposes post the actual thesis on the website. Call it paranoid or call it smart. Being that this is my “baby” or whatever, I wanted to keep it from falling into the clutches of not so very nice people.

Picture me now taking you by the hand all sensually and stuff and away we go to where in the distance lies a door the threshold of which we are going to cross and into what is or was my thought process behind the work of getting on, snapping on, criticizing, Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis and his golem Miles Morales, the new biracial Spider-Man.

Just so we clear I am fan of the new Spider-Man. I love Miles, have been reading since Jump Street, and want nothing for the best for Bendis, et al when it comes to their collective comics pursuits; ditto for Miles. It’s just that I felt homeboy (Bendis) missed an opportunity to flip the script when it came to how Miles, as a black and brown person, represented hisself. An opportunity to imbue him with speech patterns not just commonly treated as undesirable or denoting ineptitude but also commonly found in people who look like Miles; otherwise known as “bad” English or “talking Black”.

That is to say that there is nothing about “bad” English or “talking Black” that makes it so that speakers thereof are vulnerable to prejudice or hostility. There’s no reason why Miles, who is or was supposed to represent a shift in sensibilities and tastes when it comes to historically marginalized people standing in the place of classically handsome straight white dudes in roles that for a long time were reserved for them, didn’t or couldn’t embody more of ‘that talk’ if it’s really about “changing the game”.

The thesis then is an speculative venture into the factors that made Miles into a “Parker Brother,” whereby he was stripped of very obvious and distinguishable, albeit historically controversial, cultural and characterological markers that would of made him more unlike his predecessor Peter Parker. For certainly if “with great power comes great responsibility,” Miles was mishandled.

For Moving Around the Site

First off, there’re three pages to this here site: “About Me,” “Blogs,” which you who is reading is currently reading, and a “Resume” page.

Upper right hand corner of the site is where you wanna go; click the three lines–

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 11.26.52 AM

It’ll expand into this–

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 11.29.45 AM

That is kind of it

I’d just like to give a shout out right quick to my Dr Zamora, because she is my Dr Zamora. Who held it down for yrs. truly with her ability to in her role as Advisor/Reader of the very thesis work spurred on by the MA program I am now finding myself graduating from and you who is reading this has to thank to for the said thesis work you are here for. This author is out.


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